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 The 2018 Awards Competition honors work completed in the prior calendar year (2017). Take the time to start thinking about your selections so that you have plenty of time to prepare your submissions. CLICK HERE to a detailed listing of award categories and descriptions for the currently competition. Online submissions will be accepted through Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Late submissions cannot be accepted. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT ENTRIES.

In addition, be sure your organization pays the annual FCA dues. If dues are not paid before the awards submission deadline, your submission(s) will not be accepted. For questions regarding the 2017 Awards Competition, contact Erica Carlson, FCA Awards Chairman, at

Some categories require materials to be mailed if electronic files are not available, however an online entry must still be submitted.

All shipped materials must be received by Wednesday, March 1, 2018. Materials should be shipped to:

Erica Carlson

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity

1201 Red Mile Road

Lexington, KY 40504


If you would like to nominate someone for either of these awards or if you have any questions, please contact the FCA Varner/Ford Award Chairman, Andrea Starks-Corbin at or 970-797-4360 x105, before Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Evin C. Varner, Jr. Fraternal Communications Award
The Evin C. Varner, Jr. Fraternal Communications Award honors one who performs extraordinary fraternal services, achieves peer respect and possesses a spirit of assistance and kindness.

Marilyn Simpson Ford Distinguished Service Award
The Marilyn Simpson Ford Distinguished Service Award honors one who has diligently worked to advance the Association’s Vision and Purpose.


Fraternal organizations operate in a unique communications and marketing environment. Recognition of innovative, efficient, and effective communications directly supports the mission, vision, and core values of the Fraternity Communications Association.


Current award categories were reviewed by a task force and recommendations for minor adjustments to various categories and awards criteria to better capture the current communications environment.


Timing: Submissions for awards must have been planned or executed in calendar year 2017.



  • Organizations are limited to one submission per award.
  • Organizations may submit the same project to multiple awards if desired.
  • Organizations may win multiple awards for the same project.


Updates to Awards

All categories and individual awards were reviewed by the Awards Task Force with the following changes adopted at the Mid-Year Conference:


Communications Category Updates


1. Writing awards are moved from the Magazine category to the Communications Category. This allows submissions of writing from multiple channels instead of excluded to just magazine writing.


2. Writing – Human Interest and News Feature are for any length article.


3. Best Alumni/Alumnae Engagement added to Communications Category


Media Category renamed to Digital Category


Digital Category (formerly Media Category) Updates

Best eNewsletter award added additional criteria for judging to include submission of target audience, strategy/objective, idea/structure of communication piece, and results obtained.

Video Presentation – Educational added additional criteria for judging to include strategy/objective, idea/structure of communication piece, and results obtained.

Excellence in Digital Integrated Marketing added with additional criteria for judging to include submission of target audience, strategy/objective, channels selected, and results obtained.

Social Media – Engagement criteria was updated to remove language restricting use of many social media platforms.


A document with all awards, criteria, and submission criteria is available here.


For questions about the FCA Awards of Distinction or to nominate someone, please contact:
Andrea Starks-Corbin, FCA Varner/Ford Award Chairman
Phone: 970-797-4360 x105

For questions about the 2017 Awards Competition, please contact:

Erica Carlson, FCA Awards Chairman


Fraternity Communications Association
c/o KB Parrish
6840 Eagle Highlands Way
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254