FCA Strategic Plan


To enhance fraternity communications through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information.


To be an indispensible asset to the fraternal movement, to challenge members to imagine a better way of communicating and to provide an enriching membership experience.


Core Values
Education, Networking and Recognition



FCA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

A focus on Ideas, Experiences and Information

IDEAS:  Develop and retain knowledgeable, experienced leadership, and, sustain organizational stability.


Objective 1      Create a culture that fosters committee member development and advancement.

Objective 2      Increase development of board leadership.

Objective 3      Explore, manage and grow FCA financial resources.



EXPERIENCES:  Create and promote a valuable membership experience.


Objective 1      Grow FCA organizational membership.

Objective 2      Grow Associate Member program.

Objective 3      Demonstrate the value of Organizational and Associate Membership.

Objective 4      Ensure FCA programming is essential to member success.



INFORMATION:  Provide accurate information, relevant resources and educational opportunities to current and potential Member Organizations.


Objective 1      Improve database and accuracy of information.

Objective 2      Be the source for communications/marketing education.

Objective 3      Develop and provide effective and relevant member resources

Objective 4      Improve day-to-day FCA operations.

Objective 5      Analyze the recognition categories.

Objective 6      Improve FCA communications materials.


Fraternity Communications Association
c/o MCM CPAs & Advisors
6840 Eagle Highlands Way
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254