Benefits of Membership



Annual Conference
One of the most beneficial aspects of membership in FCA is participation in the annual conference, held each spring. In addition to conducting the association’s business, members are able to hear experts discuss many aspects of communications and publications, including editing and design, budgeting, printing and publication philosophy. The opportunity for fellowship and exchange of views and ideas with colleagues also adds immeasurably to the worth of attendance and membership in FCA.

Midyear Conference
Between annual conferences, these one-day mini-conferences offer information and updates on pertinent topics.

Magazine & Communications Critique Service
Members regularly have an opportunity (usually during the annual conference) to obtain a confidential, no-charge critique of their publications by experts. In addition, some members are willing to offer critiques of other members’ publications by mail.

Speakers Bureau
FCA members are available as speakers or facilitators to all Greek-letter organizations on a range of topics from publishing to public relations and from crisis management to marketing and multiculturalism.
FCA maintains this website at The site contains resources, links and directory information for FCA's members.



No matter what the question or problem, members of FCA can help find the answer. One of the trademarks of the Association is the commitment of its members to offering their experience and expertise in advising and assisting other members. The answer to a tricky problem is as close as the telephone.

Magazine Exchange
Upon request, member organizations will exchange subscriptions to their periodicals with other members. Through the exchange, members benefit from reading articles and viewing approaches used in other publications.

Article Exchange
The exchange provides members with generic articles or articles that may be modified for use in a particular publication. There are always several articles available from the Communication Services Committee, which is responsible for obtaining and distributing the articles. In addition, members, upon request, will frequently grant permission for an article to be used in another member’s publication.

New Members
One of the most popular sessions at the annual conference is a special workshop for editors who are new to FCA. This format allows for audience feedback and serves as both an introduction to fraternity publishing for the novice and a refresher course for veterans.



Awards Program
During the annual conference, outstanding achievements by association members are recognized through FCA’s prestigious publishing awards. Excellence is honored in several categories, including design, article content and specialty areas unique to fraternal publications. Members have the opportunity to enter one item in each category. Entries are judged by professionals in the fields of journalism and publishing. Our awards program is made possible through the generosity of the North-American Interfraternity Foundation (NIF).

Publications Display
Not only magazines and journals, but also brochures, posters, newsletters, handbooks, manuals and audiovisual materials are included in the publications display. The display is exhibited at the FCA annual conference and is a permanent part of the library at the National Interfraternity Conference (IFC) headquarters in Indianapolis. Members may request samples of any of the items on display from other members.

A member of FCA receives camera-ready art of the association’s logo. High-resolution versions of the logo are also available HERE. Many members display the FCA logo on the contents page of their publication as an indication of their commitment to and support of the association.