Our History

As early as 1883, editors of 14 men's fraternity magazines met in Philadelphia to promote the concept of interfraternal cooperation. Editors of the National Interfraternity Conference member organizations met at an annual dinner for many years before officially organizing in 1923.

In the late 1960s, discussions with editors of professional fraternity publications and women's sororities brought about the realization that all editors would benefit from belonging to a single association. Since 1969, FCA has actively sought the participation of all Greek-letter society editors and their staffs.

Past President
1924–26    William C. Levere, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
1926–28    Chester W. Cleveland, Sigma Chi
1928–29    Cecil J. Wilkinson, Phi Gamma Delta
1930–32    Leland F. Leland, Tau Kappa Epsilon
1932–33    Francis W. Shepardson, Beta Theta Pi
1933–34    C. F. Williams, Phi Kappa Psi
1934–35    Charles Edward Thomas, Sigma Nu
1935–36    K. D. Pulcipher, Pi Kappa Alpha
1936–37    Linn C. Lightner, Lambda Chi Alpha
1937–38    George Starr Lasher, Theta Chi
1938–39    Lauren Forman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
1939–40    F. James Barnes II, Sigma Phi Epsilon
1940–41    C. W. May, Kappa Alpha Order
1941           Oswald W. Hering, Delta Kappa Epsilon
1941–42    Leland F. Leland, Tau Kappa Epsilon
1942–43    Robert J. Pilgrim, Phi Kappa Sigma
1943–44    Hugh J. Ryan, Delta Sigma Phi
1944–45    Lee B. Dover, Zeta Beta Tau
1945–46    John Robson, Sigma Phi Epsilon
1946–47    Earl F. Schoening, Phi Sigma Kappa
1947–48    Frank C. Ferguson, Kappa Sigma
1948–49    Don Gable, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
1949–50    Luther Z. Rosser, Chi Phi
1950–51    Harold P. Davison, Theta Xi
1951–52    Don C. Wolfe, Kappa Delta Rho
1952–53    Francis Walker, Delta Sigma Phi
1953–54    Robert D. Lynn, Pi Kappa Alpha
1954–55    James Hammerstein, Sigma Alpha Mu
1955–56    Richard J. Young, Phi Kappa Tau
1956–57    Robert J. Simonds, Alpha Tau Omega
1957–58    Hayward S. Biggers, Phi Delta Theta
1958–59    George S. Toll Sr., Alpha Epsilon Pi
1959–60    James F. Hudson, Phi Gamma Delta
1960–61    Jack L. Anson, Phi Kappa Tau
1961–62    Robert E. Jepson, Acacia
1962–63    Ralph F. Burns, Alpha Sigma Phi
1963–64    Harold Jacobsen, Sigma Pi
1964–65    Frank L. Chinery, Phi Kappa Theta
1965–66    Carl J Gladfelter, Chi Phi
1966–67    Durward W. Owen, Pi Kappa Phi
1967–68    Harry L. Bird, Alpha Tau Omega
1968–69    Tom Cunning, Alpha Chi Rho
1969–70    Haldon C. Dick, Phi Kappa Psi
1970–71    Fred Yoder, Sigma Chi
1971–72    Jack W. Jareo, Phi Kappa Tau
1972–73    James M. Brasher III, Lambda Chi Alpha
1973–74    Stephen Christensen, Kappa Sigma
1974–75    Ernest J. White, Delta Theta Phi
1975–76    R. John Kaegi, Pi Kappa Alpha
1976–77    Dale A. Slivinske, Theta Chi
1977–78    L. D. Dickensheets, Tau Kappa Epsilon
1978–79    James F Miller, Alpha Chi Sigma
1979–80    Robert L. Off, FarmHouse
1980–81    Robert E. Bernier, Sigma Tau Gamma
1981–82    Evin C. Varner, Alpha Sigma Phi
1982–83    Michael A. Moxley, Tau Kappa Epsilon
1983–84    Robert E. Lyon, Kappa Alpha Order
1984–85    V. Randall McLeary, Lambda Chi Alpha
1985–86    Charles H. Lippy, Alpha Chi Rho
1986–87    Eleanor B. Hyatt, Chi Omega
1987–88    William D. Krahling, Alpha Tau Omega
1988–89    Anthony Palmieri III, Kappa Psi
1989–90    William C. Schilling, Alpha Gamma Rho
1990–91    Kris Brandt Riske, Gamma Phi Beta
1991–92    Louis B. Quinto, Pi Kappa Alpha
1992–93    Nancy I.Z. Reese, Alpha Sigma Alpha
1993–94    Lisa L. Elliot, Zeta Tau Alpha
1994–95    John R. Birchfield, Zeta Psi
1995–96    Jennifer Moeller, Pi Beta Phi
1996–97    Judy Hare Thorne, Kappa Delta
1997–98    Mary Lauck-Barr, Alpha Gamma Delta
1998–99    Erv Johnson, Beta Theta Pi
1999–00    Johnny Porter, Kappa Psi
2000–01    Len Rayburn, Kappa Sigma
2001–02    Jim Griffith, Farmhouse
2002–03    Jess C. LaNore, Alpha Kappa Psi
2003–04    Howard E. Obenchain, Phi Delta Theta
2004–05    Jean Gileno Llyod, Psi Upsilon
2005–06    Shanda Gray, Delta Sigma Pi
2006–07    Christine Barnicki, Chi Omega
2007–09    Tom Olver, Beta Theta Pi
2009–10    Brandon Weghorst, Sigma Alpha Epsilon
2010–12    Steve Latour, Alpha Sigma Phi
2012–13    Jennifer Siler, Alpha Delta Pi
2013–15    Ashley Martin Schowengerdt, Zeta Tau Alpha (13-14), Delta Sigma Phi (14-15) and Delta Upsilon
2015–17    Jesse Lyons, Kappa Alpha Order
2017-18     Todd Shelton, Pi Kappa Phi
2018          Constance Gibbs, Pi Beta Phi