FCA seeks to be an indispensable asset to the fraternal movement, to challenge members to imagine a better way of communicating, and to provide an enriching membership experience.



Opportunities that define and redefine our professional experience


Fostering a healthy competition and recognizing the best among members


Eager to share, encourage, and believe that great communication is possible


What is the Fraternity Communications Association?

FCA exists “to enhance fraternity communications through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information.”

The Fraternity Communications Association, formerly the College Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA), offers a long and resplendent history as a prime force behind the founding, organization and proliferation of the fraternity movement.

As a professional association, FCA is composed of fraternities and sororities, affiliates and associate partners. The organization is unique within the fraternity movement in that the organization, not the individual editor, holds membership.

As the first interfraternity organization, FCA launched other groups, such as the National Interfraternity Conference and Fraternity Executives Association.

Regular membership in FCA consists of social, professional and honor societies. Affiliate membership is offered to other interfraternity groups, and associate partnership is extended to sponsors or vendors.

Gold Level - Associate Partners

Silver Level - Associate Partners